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The Cheater Catcher
 In-Design (Paid)
The Cheater Catcher App will help you discover infidelity, or deception by a loved one. The truth is rarely pure and never simple.--Oscar Wilde Have you lately been realizing: My husband (boyfriend) started turning off his cell phone when I’m around…. or My wife (girlfriend) has been getting a lot of phone calls lately, but she never answers when I am with her…. This app offers tons of information and advice for dealing with a cheating spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend who lies. It also provides information about rebuilding trust, dealing with jealousy, resolving conflict, falling in love, and creating a healthy relationship. Learn How To: * recover passwords, read chats, and take screenshots * install a GPS Tracking device * read deleted text messages * manage and control SIM card info * search your loved one's computer without their knowledge * record, report, manage, and monitor all computer usage * video record your loved one's activities * confirm or deny your suspicions Features Info On: * infidelity and cheating * why do people cheat * tips for catching a cheating spouse * what the are the warning signs of cheating * what counts as cheating.... * lying and deception * why do lovers lie * what is the best way to tell if someone is lying * how to confront a partner who lies * how to deal with compulsive lying.... relationship issues * why do people form attachments * advice for creating a healthy relationship * how to cope with jealousy.... recovery and repair * how to rebuild trust * how to talk about problems * advice for saving a relationship after infidelity All with the Cheater Catcher App. ***PLUS SO MUCH MORE to help u Catch A Cheater***