PDFEditor Page Tutorial    
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May 30, 2013 05:09 AM

PDFEditor Page Tutorial

With this feature you may edit a PDF file by adding a text selection, button or image. In order to add a new PDFEditor Page to your app, go to Edit Pages menu then click on the "+" (add a new page) button. From the list of the page types available, select PDFEditor and click on the "Create" button.

Once the page is added, you may proceed with editing it.

1) Upload a PDF file.

2) Once you uploaded a PDF file, press on "Generate Preview" button to view the content of it.

3) Here you can view and edit the pages of the PDF file.

4) Here you can view and edit the table of contents. You can add unlimited contents.



      a) Upload an image (PNG or JPEG format recommended and not more than 100*100 px);

      b) Set a title;

      c) Set a subtitle;

      d) Choose an action fo the content. All our URL schemes are included here: 


5) You can see all the pages of the PDF file uploaded;

6) You may set a text selection on any page from the PDF file.

             a) Change the type from text selection to Button or Image;

             b) Set the text here. There is no characters limit. The font size and color cannot be changed at the moment;

             c) Set a background color for the selection;

             d,e)  Set a border width and color (optional);

             e) Set an action for the text selection. All the URL schemes are included here; 

7)  Set a button with an action.

           a) Choose a type: button, text selection or image;

           b) Input a text on the button;

           c,d) Set a border width and color for the button (optional);

           e) Set an action for the button. All the URL Schemes are included;

8) Set an image with an action.

a) Choose a type: image, text selection or button;

b) Upload an image (any size, JPEG or PNG);

c) Leave blank this field. The background color field is only for the text selection and button;

d,e) Set a border width and color for the image (optional);

f) Set an action for the image. All the URL schemes are included;


 9) You may convert this page into a different type.

10) This function will add a "next" button on the page which will allow sliding to any other page in the App.

11) Set right to left curl (left to right is set by default)


Let's see how the PDFReader Page looks on a device


1) Text selection. Press on it to go to the action set.

2) Button. Press on it to go to the action set.

3) Image. Press on it to go to the action set.

4) View the table of contents.

5) Slide to next page that was set (step 10)

6) Go to any page of the PDF file.


* The Minimal supported iOS version is 4.3 and Android - 2.3

* We are frequently improving and updating this page type. 

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SC Team.

Sep 07, 2013 06:15 PM
all i ever see for this app is 1 of 0 pages when i add a pdf, its very hit and miss, its a broken function, i can generate the pdf just fine but when i preview it through a previewer, it shows nothing. useless....

Sep 12, 2013 04:07 PM
Hello Danny,

The page is working as expected on both iOS and Android. Also a new version with improved UI will be released in the next App Previewer version. It is already available in the new builds.
In case you have a concrete issue, please feel free to open a support ticket and let us know the app id and page id and we will check it for you.

best regards,
SC Team.

Jun 19, 2014 05:49 PM
Can you disable the "Curl" animation so that the page slides quickly (like PDFTron does)?

Jun 20, 2014 05:29 AM
At the moment no. This page has this animation by design.

best regards,
SC Team.