Photo Printing Services    
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Aug 01, 2016 07:48 AM

Photo Printing Service

"Photo Printing Service" is a page that is developed for printing images that are ordered for a fee. The user will send you a request and you will print the image then deliver them to an address.

Below you will find explanations how to edit the page.

1. Authorize.Net login ID - Set up your login ID

2. Authorize.Net transaction key - set up the transaction key that you have created in your Authorize.Net account. It should be an alpha numeric key, for example sd9sf93jk3429d0dj. If you don't have one, go to your Authorize.Net account and in the Security section of the page click on the "Obtain transaction key" link.

3. Merchant E-mail - Set you personal email to receive orders. Use a valid email to keep the track of orders.

4. Service Description - Set a description about the functionality of the page or use the default one.

5. Success Message - This message will be seen by an user after a successful order request. Set your own message or use the default one. 

6,7. Min nr. of picture/Max nr. of picture - Set a minimal/maximal number of pictures that can be requested. Per request you can set up the maximal number of 15 pictures.

8. Price for photo 4x6 - Set a price you want to charge for the service. The price is set per overall request. Take into account the maximal number of available pictures for order and delivery service.

9-14. Set up the SMTP settings to receive emails from your clients. If you are using Gmail as mail service check the following page in order to set the Gmail SMTP,

15. Payment receipt email subject - Subject of the email received by the merchant

16. Payment receipt email body - Body of the email received by the merchant

17. Order email subject - Subject of the order email received by the merchant

18. Order email body - Body of the order email received by the merchant

You can edit "Payment receipt email subject", "Payment receipt email body", "Order email subject", "Order email bodyfields. Use the following placeholders to edit the fields:

*Receipt email subject: $transaction_id$ 

* Receipt email body: $buyer_First_Name$, $buyer_Last_Name$, $payment_value$ 

* Order email subject: $transaction_id$, $current_part$, $total_parts$ 

* Order email body: $transaction_id$, $current_part$, $total_parts$, $order_from$, $order_to$, $order_message$ 

Below you will find images of the page on the real device. You cannot preview the page using website's simulator, you need to install "SeattleCloud" previewer application from App Store to review the page.