How to set a page type on tab navigation?    
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Dec 07, 2015 05:42 AM

How to set a page type on tab navigation?


Many of you have probably asked how to set up a page on tab navigation.  Though, it seems confusing it is a really simple process. 


In the following tutorial I will set a page under the first tab from my application.


Step 1.  Rename the existing tab1.html


    It is really important you do not have more than two tabs under the same name. Do not rename the tab just typing its name with the upper case, for example TAB1.html . You should set a totally new name such as page1.html.





Step 2.  Name the page type as tab1.html


    Choose the page you want to place on tab navigation and rename it as tab1.html. If you want to place the page on the second position in the tab navigation rename it as tab2.html, on the 3rd position - tab3.html and so on.




To set up pages on tabs you should have either Standard Tabs or Custom Tabs selected in Navigations Settings.