How to set up the Ordering Feature    
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Oct 08, 2013 11:26 AM
The Product Order page type + Order page type is the best way for you to start taking orders for the products you're selling using the mobile app developed on SeattleCloud.

In addition to the Order page type, we've added a native page for adding items/products - Product Order. With these 2 page types added in your app you'll be able to add in your new or existent app an Ordering feature.

How to setup:

1. For adding the new native Product Order page to your app access its Dashboard. Go to Edit Pages menu then click the "+" (Add New Page) button.

From the list of the page types available select the Product Order one and click the "NEXT" button.

In the next step you'll need to add a name for this page and click the "Create" button. Once the page is added, you are able to proceed with editing it.

**NOTE: Please make sure to have only 1 (ONE) Order page per app. How to setup the Order page type you can find in steps  7  8  9 of this tutorial.

2. Add Company Information

                    2.1 Company's Name - Add here your Company/Restaurant/Store name
                    2.2 Brief - Here you need to add your Company/Restaurant/Store Brief name


3. Add Locations

In this step you'll need to add your Company/Restaurant/Store location or add multiple locations.

                    3.Click on "+" button for adding a new Location or "-" button for deleting it.
                    3.Change Locations order in your Product Order page
                    3.Click on "..." button for editing a location


**NOTE: For skipping this page in your app, please make sure to have only 1 location.

4. Categories

Start to add the menu items or the products you're selling within your app.

                    4.Click on "+" button for adding a new Product Category or "-" button for deleting it.
                    4.Change the Product Category order in your Product Order page
                    4.Click on "..." button for editing a Product Category


5. Products

                    5.1 Click on "+" button for adding a new Product or "-" button for deleting it.
                    5.2 Change the Product order in your Product Order page
                    5.3 Click on "..." button for editing a Product


5.3 Edit an Item (Product)

                    5.3.1 Name - Add here the Item (Product) name.
                    5.3.2 URL info - Here you can add an info page for this product. You can choose an in app page (click on the "..." button) or add an URL.
                    5.3.3 Description - Add here the Item (Product) description.
                    5.3.Image - Choose an Item (Product) image from the app Resource Manager.
                    5.3.5 Price - Add the Item (Product) price.
                    5.3.6 Click on "+" button for adding a new Product Size or "-" button for deleting it.
                    5.3.7 Change the Product Size order.
                    5.3.8 Size - Add a variation for your product (e.g. Size/Quantity/Color/Type)
                    5.3.9 Price Add a price for the variation. This Price will overwrite the price from point 5.3.5 
                    5.3.10 Click on "+" button for adding a new Product Option or "-" button for deleting it.
                    5.3.11 Change the Product Option order.
                    5.3.12 Option Group - Add a Product Option Group Name. Each Group name will be a separate drop down menu in the app for this product.
                    5.3.13 Option Name - Add the Option Name.
                    5.3.14 Charges - Add a price per Option. This price will be added (+) to the price from point 5.3.5 / 5.3.9
                    5.3.15 Quantity - Add the MAX and MIN allowed options. Will be applied per order and not per option type.


**NOTE: You're able to change the Label name on the device (e.g. Size change to Quantity) using the Localizable Strings (Application Settings/Localizations).

6. ORDER page type (Primary info)

                    6.1 Tax - Tax percentage applied per order
                    6.Pick up message - Your customer will receive this message if he will choose the pick up option for his order
                    6.Delivery message - Your customer will receive this message if he will choose the delivery option for his order
                    6.Delivery price - Price applied per delivered order 
                    6.Free delivery from

7. ORDER page type (Currency)

From the Currency Drop-down you're able to change the Order page type Currency. This also will change the currency in the Product Order page.

**NOTE: If you'll change the Currency from US Dollars (USD) you'll not be able to use the Credit Card (Authorize.Net) as payment system. 

8. ORDER page type (Merchant info)

                    8.1 Merchant email - All orders will come on this email
                    8.Payment method Credit Card - Your customer will be able to pay for the order directly from the app via Credit Card. The Credit Card payment are processed by

                                        8.2.Authorize.Net login ID
                                        8.2.Authorize.Net transaction key
                                        8.2.Transaction description - This name will be sent to and     you'll be able to see from what app you've received this payment (on website). You may add here the app name.

**NOTE: If you use Fraud protection in your Authorize.Net account you'll need to configure Authorized IP addresses to allow SeattleCloud server to work with your account. To do this go to TOOLS -> Fraud Detection Suite -> Authorized AIM IP Addresses and disable the filter. If you want to keep this filter enabled, please add SeattleClouds' server IP address to IP Address List.

                    8.Payment method Cash - Your customer will be able to pay for the order when he'll receive it via Cash

                    8.Payment method PayPal - Your customer will be able to pay for the order directly from the app via PayPal.

                                        8.4.PayPal Credentials - You'll be able to find these credentials on your Merchant PayPal account.

                                        8.4.Sandbox Mode - How to create a sandbox account. 

9. ORDER page type (Emails info)

                    9.Receipt email subject - Email subject received by your customer
                    9.Receipt email body - Email receipt received by your customer
                    9.Order email subject - Email subject sent to your merchant email
                    9.Order email body - Email receipt sent to your merchant email

**NOTE: These emails are fully customizable. You can use these placeholders for email subject and body:


Oct 09, 2013 07:57 AM
Great news, seems to be well thought out. cant wait to add this.

Oct 24, 2013 03:53 PM
How do you access the Product Order page for testing after you have configured it with products?
For testing on an iOS device please wait for our previewer version 5.9 to go live on the App Store or request Ad Hocs.

Oct 30, 2013 02:08 PM
at last this is what i needed, thank you very my lads.

Nov 04, 2013 10:53 AM
hello aurel,in android device the currency could not been changed even if u set it in order  page ,on the other hand it work smoothly in iphone.pls help
Hello, Georges

You can not yet see the additional currencies on Order page using the SC Android Previewer version 4.4 because this option has been added after we've published this SC Android Previewer version.

All will work as expected in your app release and in the next SC Android previewer versions.

Best regards.

Jul 13, 2014 07:06 PM
Hello I want to add a small product icon on the Category tab and the Product tab is there an option for this? I want text and icon before you actually see the product. Is this possible?
Hello Craig,

Unfortunately this is not yet available.

Sorry for any inconveniences.


Jan 06, 2015 08:05 AM
Hello, it is possible to add a new Currency?
(Morocco , dhs)
Hello Majid,

Sure, please open a related support ticket.


May 23, 2015 10:15 AM
Hello Aurel.In style settings there are only three options to customize. Backgroung image, background color and text color. However, if i change the background to white or light gray, those lines and green check mark on sizes looks bad. Is there a way how to change color of those lines and checkmark?
Unfortunately not yet. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Jul 01, 2015 06:04 PM
hello Aurel, I want to translate this app to Spanish
You may translate your app to Spanish from the Localization Settings. Application Setting -> Localization

Jul 22, 2015 10:03 AM

When we use this feature although the emails are customisable, the date and time that shows on the email seems to be preset as PDT (pacific daylight time) I live in the UK and need the email to show UK time as it is causing a lot of confusion. Is this possible?


Jul 24, 2015 06:04 PM
Can the Product Order page also be used to create a recurring billing?

Jul 24, 2015 06:26 PM
Is there anyway to add a currency that is not in the option list for currencies?

For example, I'd like to add Taiwan dollars.

Aug 27, 2015 08:49 AM
will the Paypal card reader (Card Swipe) attachment work with the paypal integration for this page so CC# info will not have to be entered manually?
If you want us to integrate this PayPal feature, please open a related support ticket.

Feb 02, 2016 01:11 AM
hi i would like to know why i can't add more than one picture and can the picture be more biger?

Apr 25, 2016 12:46 AM
Hello. I have a problem. The problem is in the display (page order products). In the product listing in the app on ios to not alert correctly. Some of the text disappears. (on android alert to all correctly). I tried many options but I can't . Please help solve the problem

Oct 28, 2017 10:22 AM
I added the menu but when I want to test the order i do not receive any email confirmation of the order, even if I mentionned the email of the seller and the buyer correctly, any help please 

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