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Mar 02, 2012 09:03 AM
QRCode list page types allows for scanning a number of qr codes which are stored as a list can be sent by email.

The only setting for this page is the email account of the addressee which can can be preconfigured.

The QRCode list page can only be previewed on device.

To start a new list tap on + button.

To proceed with scanning a code tap on Scan button.
To cancel (return to list) tap on QRCodelist button.

Once you tapped the Scan button place device next to the QR code and view it on screen. Capturing of the code is performed automatically, as soon as camera focuses the image. Under the QR code image will be displayed the QR code data.
To add this item to list tap on Use button.
To proceed to next code tap on Scan button, capture QR code, add to list.

Upon completing scanning tap on QRCodeList button to view the list.
Each list item contains a QR code image capture and the QR code data (which can be viewed in a separate screen). 
To proceed to sending the list by email, tap Send button.

In the Mail app you can add/edit the email accounts, subject and text of message.
The body of email message will contain the list of scanned qr codes (data with attached image captures).
To send the email tap on Send button.

Email will be sent and a confirmation message will pop up.

Nov 25, 2012 10:53 AM
Very nice!

Two suggestions.

If the links added to the list could be made clickable, that would make this a much much more powerful feature.

Also if it were possible to delete individual items from the list rather than clearing the entire list, that would also be very useful to users.
On further testing I see links are clickable from the page linked to in the list on an Android. However they're not clickable from the linked to page on the iPhone.
Also on the Android the image is stretched while scanner, however the scan will still work OK.
One more suggestion.

If this feature could include an audible click like a shutter click, this would be very useful feedback for users.

Overall, the QR Scanner is very good.

Dec 04, 2012 06:47 AM
Thank you Andrew for your feedback. 

We really appreciate the time spent giving us feedback and the thoughtfulness of the written comments. 

Best regards,