REV MOB Ad Network    
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Aug 22, 2014 08:36 AM

REV MOB Ad Network

RevMob is one of the worldwide leading mobile ad networks when it comes to iOS, Android and Amazon traffic

To enable RevMob ad network for one of your applications you should have a registered account where you will create and monetize ads. To create an account click here.

Once you created an account you will be redirected to your account Dashboard. On the upper-left corner find the Monetization section to create an Ad ID to use it later.

On Monetization page you have to choose the app platform to create the ID. We support iOS App, Android App, and Amazon App.

The process for creating a media ID is really simple, you need to enter Media Name, enable/disable minimum bid and select checkboxes in case you want to block Religion/Dating advertising.

Adding Media you get automatically the ID you have to use to enable ads. You find these IDs on the Dashboard arranged in a table with all Media created for all applications.

Copy ID you have created go to app Dashboard - > Application Settings - > Mobile ADS - > insert ID to the REVMOB App ID field, click SAVE CHANGES.

Note that you don't have to enable IDFA, REVMOB is stand alone ad.

After you set an ID for REVMOB you need to configure ads side effect inside application.  RevMob ad may come into sight as a PopUp, Fullscreen when you enter a page or exit. In Page Settings you can enable/disable RevMob for particular pages. RevMob ads can not be run on tab's pages.

You may preview your app to see if everything is working properly and is set as should.
Is this under Application Dashboard -> Page Setting?

Aug 26, 2014 10:38 AM
I have stopped using RevMob on my apps. Most of the antivirus detect it as virus/malware. Hence we get more uninstalls.

Issue with antiviruses are always fixed within few days by updating the SDK.

Also, I recommend customers to use RevMob only for few pages in their app. Having Pop-up Ads each time when an app page is accessed is causing a bad user experience.

Best regards,

Aug 31, 2014 10:57 PM
While playing around with the setting in the Revmob, I could see that there are two types of ID.
1. Media ID
2. Unit ID

Please kindly advise the following:
a. I need to insert the Media ID into the Dashboard - > Application Settings - > Mobile ADS - > insert ID. (Not the Unit ID!)

b. Do I need to bother about the "Ad Unit" & Placement?

c. It has been two days and so far I haven't seen any revenue activity in the dashboard. I am sure some of my customer had seen my app and also had downloaded the free games. Is it normal?

Your response is very very much appreciated.

Hello Firna,

1. To set RevMob you need to use Media ID.
2. You don't have to set any Ad Units on your RevMob account, this is done on Page Settings of your app Dashboard when you configure ads side effect ( pop-up, fullscreen or none).
3. I am not sure about that issue, I advice you to contact RevMob Support team to get more information about your revenue or have a look through Support section to find the answer for your question.

Best regards,

Hi Tina,
Thank you very much for your reply.

For the Q3: Solved. There are revenue showing in the dashboard. Cos I was using the Testing Mode. I forgot to switch off the Testing Mode.



I am really glad you have found all the answers for your questions.

All the best,