How to Upgrade your Subscription Plan    
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Nov 11, 2019 11:17 AM

Upgrade your Subscription Plan

Once your business grows, it's a perfect time to extend functional features of your applications, such like:

       Push Notification - help to make your customers feeling special receiving messages from you.

      Synchronization - after minor changes it's easily to send updates to user's application.

      Geofence - notification trigger, you can sent notification to user when he enter your set location (ex. restaurant, cinema, school ...)

      Login - now you can have user accounts in your app, let your app's community grow.

      Localization - create your absolutely great app and make it friendly for world wide users, translate it depending on the localization.

      Ads - improve your marketing, make users know about new products, services and options. You can create your own ads.

      In -App Purchases - if you have an app in which you sale something, you can add this option to support such actions.

     Restricted Access - manage your account and delegate access to whom you want.

     SDK - create your custom native page on Android / iOS using SeattleCloud SDK


If you are still using a start-up plan for you applications, but feel that you need more features, don't worry, at any times you can upgrade you Subscription Plan. 


How to upgrade your Subscription Plan:

1. Find 'Subscription' area in your profile, there'll be shown all subscriptions that you posses.

2. Choose the subscription you want to upgrade (for example 'Silver Yearly')

You can find more details about each subscription in 'PLANS & PRICES' section.

3. You are free to upgrade the subscription plan according to your needs (as Gold plan includes 5 apps + Push Notifications, Platinum plan includes 15 apps + all available features)

Choose more convenient payment method for you and, voilĂ , the subscription plan is upgraded now.


Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues.