Wildlife template tutorial    
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Mar 05, 2012 08:20 AM
To start a new app based on the WildLife template select if from the gallery of templates.

Click Use This Template to create a new project under your account on SeattleClouds.com 

Specify an id for your app project. This should be a descriptive short name without spaces or special characters.

The WildLife template for iPad, by default, comprises the following page types:
- Magazine menu

Appearance of global page elements can be customised from Design Properties page. For instace background image or color, text align, link color, etc.
or edited directly in style.css

Page elements can also be customized per page individually.
The values specified in Design Page Style page are stored in an internal style sheet generated within the <head>...</head> tags of the page.

Pages use their own series of style classes.
The style classes are automatically added to style.css when a page is added to your project app and are commented as /*rssprocssaddition*/ , /*gridmenucssaddition*/ , /*largebuttonmenucssaddition*/ , /*magazinemenucssaddition*/   

RSS Pro page style classes: 

Grid menu style classes:

Large button menu style classes:

Magazine menu style classes:

Pages are edited from their respective Edit pages. For instance tab1, which is a Large button type page allows to customize number of items and image properties. For your convenience upload graphical content prior to setting links to images within your app.

Pages within any template can be added, removed or converted to other type.

Please find detailed description and tutorials on each page type on the Help page.