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Jun 30, 2020 10:04 AM

YouTube page type

YouTube page type is a feature that allow you to add content form YouTube in a few steps - no development is required. You Tube page type is available for all SeattleClouds supported platforms, so you may use it in your: Android, Kindle, iPhone and iPad applications. 

First of all you should add  YouTube page type in your application from Marketplace

Now, let's start to configure the 'YouTube' page type:

1.   In order to use YouTube page type and display the content you need to generate an API Key. It's recommended to generate an individual API Key per application. 

For applications that have beed using 'YouTube' page type for years -  API Key is not a requirement to rebuild the app, because it can be added through 'Force Sync' option. 

1.1. Login into your Google Developers Console and click on 'Create Project':


1.2. Creat a 'New Project':

1 - for 'Project name' enter the name of your application

2 - for 'Location' leave 'No organization'

3 - click on 'CREATE' 


1.3. When the project is created, find 'Library' section from Google APIs:


From 'Library' choose 'YouTube Data API v3' , when it"ll open click on 'Enable':



1.4. Now click on 'Create Credentials' in order to generate the API key:


1.5. For these three drop down menu select as:

1 - YouTube Data API v3

2 - Web server (e.g. node js,Tomcat)

3 - Public Data

4 - click on 'What credentials do I need'



1.6. API Key for your project is created. Copy credentials from this dashboard and click on 'Done':


2. In 'Edit YouTube page' paste the API Key that you have already copied and click on 'Save' - now will be displayed the content from YouTube accordingly with your preferences from 'YouTube Video' field: 



3. Customization options: 

3.1. You may customize the Header Title, image and text.

3.2. From 'Choose YouTube feed source' you may choose which content will be displayed to your customers, like: video, channel, playlist. 

3.3. Use 'YouTube Video' search field in order to find the content you need. Use this search as classical one, no links are needed. (Eg. write 'seattleclouds' -> as a result you'll get videos, channel or playlist related to this key word)

3.4. You are allowed to display up to 50 videos on a page.

3.5. Use 'Get Feed' button to display the content OR apply changes you have already made.  

4. Below you may find how 'YouTube' page type looks on iOS and Android devices:



Make your application more interactive using 'YouTube' page type.  


Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues.