Android Signing Certificate

Greetings to all SeattleClouds customers, 

Due to current circumstances, our team is working diligently on finding best solutions to keep your applications alive, after SeattleCloud shut down (January 31, 2021). 
Find more details about SeattleCloud dissociation here 
To all users that have Android and Kindle applications, please find below details about 'Android Signing Certificate’ downloading: 

What apps need SeattleCloud ‘Android Signing Certificate’?

Applications that have at least one build made on SeattleCloud and has been published on Store. 

What apps don’t require SeattleCloud ‘Android Signing Certificate’?

New created applications that have no builds on SeattleCloud platform OR built applications that have never been published on Store.
In this case, user has to sign each application by himself. Find details on how to sign an Android app in this tutorial.

How to download ‘Android Signing Certificate’?

  1. Open ‘Application Dashboard’
  2. Find ‘App Settings’ -> ‘Platform Specific Options’ -> ‘Android Signing Certificate’
  3. Enable check box agreement and download the signing certificate
  4. Once downloaded -> open folder and find document with the password and actual certificate
Note! ‘Android Signing Certificate’ is a private and individual key.
You don’t have to share the signing certificate with third parties, otherwise may appear unexpected security issues.

Best regards,
SeattleClouds Team