Alarm Tutorial    
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Dec 20, 2018 01:06 PM
Hello Seattleclouds customers! We are glad to announce that a new feature for Android is released.

Each of you have time schedules and many times rush to meetings once no Alarm was set before the event. Well, it's a pity if you are late to important events. For your solution Seattleclouds is bringing you the new Alarm feature which will wake you up and won't let you nor your app users miss any important events. With this feature you will be able to offer users of your app to set the Alarm from the actual application and use it as a Simple Native Alarm. Alarm is a Page Type with a simple UI, but with very useful options. In Alarm feature you will be able to set own Ringtone, Label and set the Repeat functions. It offers Custom Repeat, Daily Repeat and Repeat During Business Days.

Let us start by steps.

1. Adding the Feature to your app

1.1 To add this feature go to Market Place and search for Alarm

Next you will need to add this feature to your chosen app.

1.2 Once you have added the Alarm Feature you will be redirected to the Edit section of this Page Type. The edit section has no option as it is a Native Page Type.

Once you have added the page and done the customization of the app, you can request an instant build. Note that a new build will be required if you have added this page. Alarm Feature can't be added using sync.

4. The actual look and functionality of the feature in live app.

4.1 Main Alarm page
Once opened you will see the main page of the Alarm feature which is the actual Alarm list. Here you will be able to add/remove and edit your current alarms.

4.2 Adding a new alarm

To add a new alarm you need to select the + button at the bottom right of the screen. A edit window will be opened.

4.3 Editing the Alarm

In the opened window you will be able to edit the alarm.

You will be able to set the:

Repeat - Offers custom repeat of the alarm.
Repeat Daily - Daily repeat of the alarm
Repeat Monday to Friday - Repeat alarm during business days.

Ringtone - Pick a ringtone sound or disable it for your alarm.

Vibrate alarm sounds - enable/disable vibration during alarm.

Delete after goes off - enable/disable option to auto delete the scheduled alarm after it goes off.

Label - Set any label text for your alarm.

Manual time picker - lets you set any time for your alarm

Once you have added the alarm, you can turn it off or enable it using the switch on the right side of the alarm. 

To remove the alarm you will need to press and hold on the chosen alarm, an additional delete option will appear in the top right of the screen. You can remove the alarm by entering in edit mode and press on the trash button top right of the screen. You can also auto remove the alarm using early mentioned "Delete after goes off" option.

Once you set the alarm after the scheduled time passes the device will load the Alarm screen.

5.1 Alarm Screen

Once the alarm will start a window will open with alarm details.

Alarm details:

App name and app icon - basic details of your app

Time - which user has set.

Label - text which was set for the alarm

Dismiss button - dismisses the alarm.

Note! Important for app users. The feature works with device time. If you change the time zone, it will still launch in the scheduled time. For example if you're in London, morning, 8:00 AM and set the alarm for 5:00 PM and fly to... let's say Berlin which is +1 from UTC. The alarm will NOT set automatically the scheduled time forward with one hour (6:00 PM), it will launch at 5PM sharp according to the new time zone, at 5:00 PM Berlin time, NOT at 5:00 PM London time. You need to pay attention to the time zone changes and set the alarm according to the destination time zone.

Hope this details will help you. Consider to open a support ticket if you will have any questions or issues.