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This tutorial is a step-by-step instruction on how to generate a Distribution Certificate (.CER) file on Apple provisioning portal in order to build and submit your application from your account. You don't need a Mac to do this. A computer with any of our supported browsers will work.
Learn how to create production certificate for Apple Push Notification service here.
Watch the video tutorial how to generate a Distribution Certificate (.CER)
NOTE: You must be enrolled into Apple iOS program at http://developer.apple.com/programs/ios.
  1. Login using your dev account credentials on https://developer.apple.com/account. Go to "iOS Dev Center".
  2. Click on "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" menu item.
  3. On left side menu click "Certificates" (or follow direct link http://developer.apple.com/ios/manage/certificates/team).
  4. Click on '+' button to add new certificate.
  5. Choose iOS Distribution (App Store and Ad Hoc) option.
  6. After click on 'Continue' button.
  7. Next, click 'Upload File' and upload the generated by you .certSigningRequest file.
    Watch the video tutorial how to generate .certSigningRequest
    NOTE: depending on your browser, this button may be "Choose File" or something else.
  8. After click on 'Continue' button
  9. Click on Download button.