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Nov 13, 2018 01:33 PM
Monetization Dashboard & Remove Ads Option
Greetings to all SeattleClouds Customers,
We are happy to announce that we released our new Monetization Dashboard for SeattleClouds Platform.
All the changes from App Settings and Page Settings related to Ads were moved to Monetization Dashboard.
Now it's more easy for your to manage all the settings from one place, you don't have to open multiple browser tabs in order to manage, check, modify or delete Ad settings.

At the moment Monetization Dashboard has two versions, Paid and Free.
1. Free Version:
Free version on monetization dashboard includes the default functionality and Ad Providers like in the previous version.
Plus, for Free Version of Monetization we've added Skippables Ad Provider which is a very reliable Ad Provider. Now we have also included in the free version the Admob Native ads which can be integrated within the page content.
1.1. How to Use:

1. You may choose what version you want to use, Free or Paid version of Monetization Dashboard.
Free version include: Skippables, PollFish, AdMob, DFP, REVMOB(Deprecated) & MyAds ( In House Ad Provider )
Paid version includes Facebook ads and Remove ads option.
2. Ad Providers
Choose your Ad Provider and setup the settings required in order to start using its services.
3. General Ad Settings
You can setup a general setting for your app. This mean that settings you choose from General Ad Settings will be applied for all the pages ( which support Ads ) from your app.
3.1. Banners
A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser.

3.1.1. Choose general Ad Settings. This settings will be applied for all pages which support ads.

3.1.2. Choose Individual Ad Settings for each page separately. This will allow you to add a variety of adds in your app.

3.1.3. Inherited, this settings is set by default. It will receive property from it successor, this mean that it will receive all the settings from General Ad Settings category [3.1.1.]

3.1.3. None. Selecting this option, no ads will be show for this page.

3.2. Interstitials
Interstitial ads are full-screen ad formats covering the interface of an app and appearing at natural app transition points. Users have the option to skip the ad if they want. The main difference between a banner ad and an interstitial ad is that interstitial ads cover all the screen, and it makes it catchier and more effective.

3.2.1. Choose general Ad Settings. This settings will be applied for all pages which support ads.

3.2.2. Choose Individual Ad Settings for each page separately. This will allow you to add a variety of adds in your app.

3.2.3. Inherited. It will receive property from it successor, this mean that it will receive all the settings from General Ad Settings category [3.1.1.]

3.2.3. None. Selecting this option, no ads will be shown for this page.

3.3. Native Ads
Native ads, sometimes known as ‘recommended content’, or ‘promoted stories’ are a way of advertising content in a way that is ‘native’ to its environment. Different than a traditional banner or display ads, which are clearly separate from the content, native ads will attempt to mimic the surrounding articles and pages. They can be a great tool to increase engagement with your site’s advertising, and when used properly, can be great for income.

You can pick a number of rows after which you want to set the ads.

There are two Native ads providers:
Facebook (Paid)
AdMob (Free)

4. Results in page
Having a massive app with a lot of pages, it's more easier to see 100 pages at once than click next for each 10 pages.
5. Opens or Close all settings for all pages.
6. Ad not supported
This message appear for pages which are not supporting any type of Ads. We are working on enabling as much page types as we can. Let us know if there is a page you would like to support Ads.
7. Open or close the Page Ad Settings.
8. Pagination, navigate easily through massive apps.

2. Paid Version

Paid Version include:
- All the features from Free version of Monetization.
- Facebook Ad Provider
- MoPub ( Ads by Twitter ) which is coming soon for Paid Version.
- Remove Ads Option

* If you want any other Ad Providers included into SeattleClouds Platform please let us know.

2.1. How to use

Native Ads are specific for each Ad Provider. In this example we will use Facebook Ad Provider. Native ads can be used only in Native Podcast, Native Podcast Aggregator, Media List, Dropbox Media list.

1. Select the Ad Provider which you want to use for Native Ads.

2. Insert Native Ads Unit ID. You can get the Unit IDs after registration for Monetization on Facebook here. Once you have added the app you will be able to create and add Facebook: 

- Interstitial ads
- Banner ads
- Native Banner ads
- Native ads

3. Check which Page Types support Native Ads.

4. Enable ( check ) & Configure your Native Ads.

2.2. Remove Ads option

Remove Ads option is a bonus feature for Paid version of Monetization Dashboard.

More information on how to use it can be found here.


Nov 13, 2018 06:20 PM
what is the details?
Hello Ahmed, the tutorial was updated.

Nov 14, 2018 12:30 AM
Hello Francis, the tutorial was updated.

Nov 14, 2018 01:26 AM
I like more info please
Hello Yanko, the tutorial was updated.

Nov 14, 2018 06:37 AM
The previous dashboard looked fine and Page settings were fine. This monetization dashboard is ugly and confusing...
i agree
Hello Harrie, 
The new Monetization Dashboard is more simplified and unified. This mean that you can control all the ads from your app in one single place. You don't have to run across multiple pages in order to setup ad settings.
Please let me know if you have some ideas which could improve our Monetization Dashboard.
Best regards,

Nov 15, 2018 02:59 AM
The new ad networks have been kept under paid version. This is sheer money fleecing. This should not be kept paid for already paying subscribers like Business Subscriptions. This is ridiculous.
Hello Ashaq,

In order to avoid abusing or spamming the end user with Ads, we decided to make this feature paid.

So the App Creators can take it more seriously when creating an app for Advertising purpose only. 

The purpose of an ad is to raise awareness (brand advertising) or to elicit an immediate sale. But for sure they are not intended to spam the end user with a lot of ads. 

I hope you will understand our point of view. 

Best regards,

Nov 18, 2018 12:06 PM
Hi Vector
I'm afraid i didn't got the difference between paid and free ads.
i need to know when to use each of them and what are the differences between them?

Nov 19, 2018 10:35 AM
Hello Ahmed,

The main difference between these two versions is the Ad Providers.

In free version you may use Skippables, PollFish, AdMob, DFP, REVMOB, MyAds Ad Providers.

In paid version you may use all the free Ad Providers plus Facebook Ads, Facebook Native Ads and Remove Ads Functionality.

For Paid Version, we will include soon MoPub ( Twitter ) Ads Provider.

Please let me know if any questions appear.

Best regards,

Dec 01, 2018 01:54 AM
Hola equipo de seattle clouds. Comprendió el plan pensando en que se pueden cargar anuncios nativos en esta plataforma, pero solo en mi página de poscast y dropbox se pueden cargar anuncios nativos, y solo para usar la Red de Audiencias de Facebook. Estoy muy descepcionado y que pagué casi 1700 dólares. Espero estar equivocado, porfavor respondedor y orientarme. Saludos

Hi, team of Seattle clouds. I bought the platinum plan thinking that native ads can be loaded on this platform, but I realize that only the postcast and dropbox page can load native ads, and only use Facebook Audience Network. I am very disappointed since I paid almost 1700 dollars. I hope I'm wrong, please answer and guide me. regards

Dec 03, 2018 12:16 PM
Hello Pedro,

Your Support Ticket was updated, please update it if any questions appear.

Monetization Dashboard is a new feature which we just added on SeattleClouds and which we continuously are improving and updating.

We encourage all our customers to provide their feedback over this feature in order to know which aspect to improve.

Also, if you have any suggestions on what pages also must support ads, please let us know in order to investigate your request.

Please note that SeattleClouds Developers are continuously working on enabling as many Page Types for Ads as they can. Also, new Ads Providers must come soon.

Best regards,