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Aug 23, 2018 12:45 PM

QR Code Generator


QR Code Generator is a brand new Page Type on SeattleClouds Platform. It's purpose is to make sharing easier using a simple QR Code instead of sharing the long texts, emails, numbers or very long website URL's.

How to enable:

QR Code Generator page type is available at the moment only for Android Platform. In order to enable it, just add it into your App from our Marketplace.

Please note that you need to request a new submission process for your app after your add QR Code Generator page type.


Using QR Code Generator page type you are able to generate QR Codes using following options.

1. Text - Display any static text.

2. URL - Open the URL after scanning.

3. Email - send an email with predefined text.

4. Phone - Save the contact details on the Phone

5. SMS - send an sms with predefined text.

6. Contact ( VCard ) - generate a QR Code based on User Contact Information.

7. Geolocation - Open map with already provided coordinates.

Generating a QR Code:

You can generate easily a QR Code, just select which option you need from the menu and fill with information all the required fields.

After you successfully generated a QR Code, you can Save it for later usage or share it instantly using sharing options from your device.


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