Modern Music Player Tutorial    
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Nov 28, 2018 08:26 AM
Hello Seattleclouds customers.

We are glad to announce you that a new feature Modern Music Player is available for Android platform. 

Modern Music Player is as a simple Media Player for files provided by the owner of the app. It has many options including Repeat, Shuffle, Timer and much more. It is a brand new page type which allows you to create your own custom playlists based on your interests or music preferences. Let your customers listen to the best quality music or stream directly from your App. You can store media on device or store it somewhere else in order to minimize your app size. The feature is customizable and you can add your own design details without any difficulties.

1. Adding the Modern Music Player feature

1.1 To add this feature go to Market Place and search for Modern Music Player.

1.2 Once you have added the Modern Music Player you will be redirected to the Edit section of this feature.

2. Modern Music Player options and customization tools.

Now you can see that there are many options which you can use.

We will explain in separate what each option does.

Let us start from top and continue to bottom.

2.1 Header Image - with this option user can add a Header Image which will be displayed in the player as the main header image.

2.2 Category section - in this section you will be able to create categories and for each category add separate media files

2.2.1 Creating a category.

In Modern Music Player feature you can add up to 25 categories.

To create a category you need to click on Create button. Once done a window with Category customization options will load. 

Here you will be able to add the:

- Name category
- Text color
- Mask color
- Mask opacity
- Category image which can be chosen from local or external resources

Once you have customized the category proceed by clicking the ADD button

Next, the new category will be added to the Category List.

To edit the category again click on the Settings button as shown in the above screenshot.

To change the category place use the Arrow  button to drag the row.

3. Adding audio files or streaming

To add an audio file you need to click on the Add Music button  in the chosen category row, in result a detail window will be opened, in which you will be able to add the song and its description details.

You can add:

- Artist name 
- Song name
- Album name
- Choose Song from local or external resources
- Choose Song Cover from local or external resources.

After you have chosen the audio file and specified the related details click the ADD button.

In order to see the list of songs click on the chosen category row.

Once you are done and all the audio files are added you can request an instant build or review the feature using the Seattleclouds previewer.

4. The actual look and functionality of the feature in live app.

In the Modern Music Player feature in live app there are several functionalities of the player which you can use.

4.1 Main player page
Once opened you will see the main page of the Modern Music Player in which is the Favorites category opened.

Up the song list there is the:

- Categories scrollable section in which user can open any category you have added 

Below the song list there is the:

- Player shortcut toolbar on which user can click and the Current song page will load. It also has Shortcuts for Play/Pause and Next buttons

4.2 Category page 

Shows the list of all tracks added to the chosen category. Here user can choose which track to play.

4.2 Current song page (Progress page)

It is the actual progress page in which you will be able to see current playing song details and use player actions.

Player actions:

Seek bar - You can seek current playing song (shows current track length and time played)
Repeat - Enables repeat of playlist or one track
Shuffle - Enables/disables random order playing of tracks
Timer - Enables a timer of 30 minutes after which the Current playing track stops.
Next - Choose next track from category
Previous - Choose previous track from category
Play/Pause - Play and pause current playing track
Volume/Mute - Enable volume or mute (Volume up and down is managed by the device native buttons only)
Favorites - Add to Favorites current opened track

Note! User will not be able to add other songs to categories from own device (Use the app as a Native Android Music Player). It has the option only to play tracks which are added via Application Dashboard.

Hope this details will help you. Consider to open a support ticket if you will have any questions or issues.


Nov 28, 2018 10:00 AM
Hi Vick
Thanks for at great player !
When will this be available in iOS ?
Best Jannik

Thank you for your feedback. 

Yes, developers team are working on iOS Version for this feature also. 

Currently there is no ETA on when this new feature will also be available for iOS. 

Best Regards, 
SC Team

Thanks. How do I preview the page ? I can't use the SC preview app. Should I use ad hoc every time I made a single change ?
You can request an apk once and each time update the app using sync. Previewer was updated, so you can test the Modern Music Player with it also.

Aug 04, 2019 04:36 AM
How can I change the language to Spanish?


Aug 05, 2019 07:40 AM

Thank you for contacting us.

Yes, you can change the localizations.

For this just go to Application Settings - Localizations - Edit app strings.

In the opened section search for scmusicplayer strings.

Now change the available Value.

For more details on how to use the Localizations consider to read the Localization Tutorial.

Hope these details'll help you.

Best regards,
SC Team

Mar 30, 2020 11:14 AM
How do i remove text "Choose Your Kind of Music" from the page.
Full HTML is not available for the page

Mar 30, 2020 11:53 AM

This is a native page and does not have any html editors.

Choose your kind of music text can be edited in Localizations.

Go to Application Settings -> Localizations -> Edit app strings.

Search for this text or for scmusicplayer strings.

Hope these details'll help you.

SC Team